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Global Trader / Local Marketer

I'm Akiha HASHIMURA, Global Trader / Local Marketer of Portier. Thanks for your visit to our web site.

After having worked at Consulate-General of Japan in France for a couple of years, got a lot of experiences in web marketing and launched trading projects.

Looking forward to collaborating with you to explore the new world through trading.

Portier import and export

Established in 2020

What is the vision

for the future ?

As a result of covid-19, our society, our lifestyle, our infrastructure, literally the world has changed.

In order to find out the solutions to stay connected beyond the borders, we would like to propose you  sustainable and ideal collaborations in the terms of world trades.

Hoping that Portier can open a new door,

with YOU soon !

This is Our Team !


These experts of trading will back up your business in Japan.

Click here to visit the site and learn more about our projects and results.

Image by Annie Spratt
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